What is a Topwood panel?

These decorative wood panels will differentiate the design of your premises from others and also are a practical design element used on wall and ceiling constructions. 

It gives a modern and elegant look and provides good sound absorption.

It is a great way to create a sustainable and contemporary beauty indoors that is closely related to nature.

Thanks to the aesthetic appeal, panels create a harmonious and contemporary environment.

What is a Topwood panel?

Each of our panel is hand made by professional carpenters. We gurantee high quality of each panel. 

Panels are used for decorating walls or ceilings in public spaces such as Schools, Hotels, Offices, Swimming pools, etc.

The panel is made of high quality wooden laths, combined with a sound absorbing material.

The price of Topwood panels depends on the specification of each project - wood material, color, size, amount, etc.

The laths are treated with Tikkurila Fontefier Wf Clear fire protection, providing B-s1, d0 fier class.

Topwood panels can be used as a suspended ceiling structure or attached directly to the ceiling, walls or wooden sub-structures. The laths are fastened to plywood underlays covered with acoustic fabric. 

The base of the panel is made of solid wood or veneer laths.

Panels are customized according to individual client wishes. The laths,distances, paint or varnish tones are customizable.

Standard panel laths are made of pine or spruce, but we also offer birch, oak, finger jointed pine or veneer, which is mainly used in case of high fire safety requirements.

Panel laths are connected with a technical fabric, which provides acoustic and thermal isolation that does not emit gases or combustible particles at in the case of a fire.

Other features of the TOPWOOD panels:

  • Easy to clean and maintain with dry cloth and vacuum;
  • High resistance to humidity;
  • Customizable - a vast variety of design, size, color and shape options;
  • Recyclable.


Decorative design panel - beautiful, quiet, safe. It combines the best wood from forests of Latvia with the sound insulation materialTopwood panels add modern and elegant look for your premises. Adjusting to your desires and needs, we offer to produce panels from all types of wood material and in a wide range of colours. The Topwood Massive panels have the highest aesthetic quality and durability.


Topwood Design panels are produced from highest quality veneer from oak, ash, birch, walnut or other wood. The same as all of the Topwood panels, these are water resistant, therefore, can be used for decorating walls or ceilings not only in public spaces, such as schools, hotels, offices, but also swimming pools, etc.


We have created an excellent product that is a great solution for sound isolation and will give your project a unique look -  high quality veneered or solid wood lath panels. Laths are combined with CEWOOD Acoustic material. 

CEWOOD Acoustic is a 100% natural material - top quality wood wool and cement with water. The laths are treated with Tikkurila Fontefier Wf Clear fire protection, providing the laths with fire class B-s1,d0. 


Veneers can reduce project costs without changing the visual quality. The laths are treated with Tikkurila Fontefier Wf Clear fire protection, providing the laths with fire class B-s1,d0. The panel is made of veneered laths, combined with acoustic fibber. We offer veneered oak, birch or ash, but other wood veneers are available on demand.

Panel moldings are made to the customer's request, up to 2890 mm in length.

finger jointed

The finger jointed panel is made from defect-free, high class pine laths. Finger joint places of laths is with straight line, reducing the visibility of the joints. Panels are constructed with FiberAcoustic material, produced by Fibertex. Each of our panel is hand made by professional carpenters. We gurantee high quality of each panel. The timber is FSC certified.